Advantages and Disadvantages of Slate Roofing

Some of the oldest homes in Spring Hill Florida is fitted with roof tiles. Its durability is beyond compare and the longest lasting roofing material in the market today. Slate roofing greatly defines the architectural aesthetics of the house and depending on the design of the roof tiles it will greatly compliment Mediterranean, Colonial, and Classical homes due to its natural beauty and remarkable longevity.

Investing for a roofing system and defies years of use is the smartest choice you can have for your beloved abode. But before you decide you need to learn its pros and cons before building up a roof that costs more compared to traditional roofing types.

Advantages of Slate Roofing

Appearance – once you decide to become a homeowner you always consider the aesthetic benefits of roof tiles to the architectural plan of your house. There is no roofing material in the market today that is classier than slate roof. Slate roofing has been in existence for hundreds of years even before modern houses were built.  Moreover roof tiles can be produce in many designs, colors, and sizes.

Longevity – Slate roof literally can last a lifetime. In fact in can last more than a century or at least 150 years if the roof is properly maintained and constructed. This can save you a ton of many for traditional roofing systems than can only last for 20 or 30 years.

Fire Resistance – roof tiles are not combustible in fact it is the most fire resistant roofing material you can have for your home. Slate tiles has the edge of preventing fire in your home because it can absorb lightning strike without causing any spark unlike roof shingles. This can also prevent fire against wildfires, or absorbing flames from adjacent houses.

Environmentally Friendly Properties – roofing waste contributes for more than 5 percent of building waste being sent to landfills. Since slate roof has superior longevity compared to typical roofing materials such as metal roof slate roof that requires replacement every 20 – 30 years slate roof has better environmental impact because it does not leave too much waste due to its organic properties.

Disadvantages of Slate Roofing

Costs – Tile Roof or Slate roofing is very expensive, conservative estimates may cost $1000 – $4000 per square. That is a huge amount especially if you are building a house from ground up. It can measure up to five times more expensive compared to other roofing materials. Thus you need to fully plan out your budget in building your roofing system.

Weight – Typical roof tiles are made out of clay, cement, or even concrete. By all means it is the heaviest roofing material and requires additional support to hold the 800 or 1500 pounds of weight per square. This alone would take a lot of money from your budget in building a roofing system made out of slate roof.
Durability – Slate roofing are very fragile since it has no internal metal membrane to keep the tiles intact. You need to be absolutely very careful in handling or stepping on roof tiles or you are going to burst every single one of them. Also installation is not as simple as putting a nail onto a wood. You need professionals to handle repairs and installations. And it is also difficult to find a replacement tile since slate comes in lots.

Difficult to Install – Before hiring a roofing contractor you need to ask them about their previous projects and experience on installing slate roof. General contractors knew very little about tile roofs so it’s really difficult to trust them immediately. You need to ask several roofing contractors that have many projects on slate roofing installation.

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